Case IV: children of a shop mental lady

August 2011, about 30 years old lady with mental imbalance with children of school age, a boy and a girl located sleeping on and off (Day and Night) in vacant shops along Ilesa west shopping complex.

The children goes around begging for alms.

Pix: Picture of the mentally imbalance lady with her kids(middle) being flagged at both sides by matron Abonyi, chairperson,SBHF(left) and a SBHF volunteer(right).



Rapport  was achieved with SBHF volunteers as they were being given money and foods on and off. They were referred to the Ilesa west social welfare office to locate their father around July 2014 after long time monitoring and assistance from SBHF. They were referred for continued monitoring by the Local government social welfare office due to non availability of funds  in the organization.

Non profit organization that takes care of Orphan and vulnerable children. Also operates around Community Health issues and HIV Aids.