Case III: motherless twins case

Commenced Date : 25/July/2014 till date

Motherless babies Twins(names and address withheld)  (both male, date of birth 25-7-2014) mother died after delivery. The babies now under the custody of a step mother(name and address withheld) at ilesa, Osun state, Nigeria.

Pix: Pictures of the twins with their caregiver

After 10 months on intervention, one of the twins was already looking malnourished due to lack of enough funds;


Home visits continue with little financial supports to buy babies food.

08-12-2014 weight 4.2kg & 3.1 kg at 4 monthly old.

The organization challenges are lack of funds for adequate maintenance, No transport for home visits ,No home to Nurse and monitor growth.

Non profit organization that takes care of Orphan and vulnerable children. Also operates around Community Health issues and HIV Aids.