Case V: 9years old orphan with cerebral palsy


A case of a 9years old boy (orphan, name withheld) with cerebral palsy, Anencephaly abandoned without a shelter on june 2013.

The 9yrs old boy with cerebral palsy since birth was abandoned after the death of the father in 2010. The maternal grandma (name and address withheld) accommodated him.

Pix: The 9-year old boy(middle) being held by SBHF chairperson Matron Abonyi(left), SBHF volunteer(right) and the caregiver(grandma) middle


All attempts made to find a “Home” to restrict his movement failed as he wanders into the street falling down and sustaining injuries occasional, the  old grandma invited for a  possible financial assistance. Available aids  was given.

The organization has been making follow-up with its limited funds which has been a challenge, Social welfare was involved in this case for possible assistance.


Non profit organization that takes care of Orphan and vulnerable children. Also operates around Community Health issues and HIV Aids.